Two New Comedy Magic and the Movies Shows

TWO New Shows for Theaters

1) Mark Pinksten’s: Comedy Magic and the Movies

This show is for all ages


This show consists of Mark while in costume, Performing as some of the greatest Movie characters of all time.  Indy, Doc Brown, the Shark from Jaws,  A random stormtrooper, The Slightly Evil Dead!

Doc Brown with Flux Capacitor

Safe Audience Interaction is featured as all the comedy and magic routines are expertly themed to the character being portrayed with immerse costumes and props.

Shark Attack

This show is still. entertaining of the audience is not familiar with the source material.

The Slightly Evil Dead
Star Wars themed  strait Jacket Escape

Check the video page for live videos.

2) The Magic of Fantastic Potter

A Comedy Parody of the World of Fantastic Beasts and the World of Harry Potter

This show its for all Ages

Our Host: Newt

This is a safe audience interactive show where the students (audience) get to perform the magic as if they are in classes at castle.  The student get to perform while Newt facilitates. This is a one man show that has 95% of the larger Fantastic Magic of Potter show

Students will attempt the follow:

  • A Wand Ceremony
  • Levitation
  • Magic Spells
  • Experience Magical History
  • Teleportation
  • Interact with Fantastic Beasts
  • Transfiguration

Anyone familiar with the Potter/Fantastic Beasts movies will be thrilled to participate in this Magical Comedy Parody that takes its inspiration from the Movies.

Spider from the Forbidden Forrest
Making the Kniffler drop the students coins
Wand Ceremony-The Wand likes the student
Student floats another student

This show will still be entertaining for anyone not familiar with the source material.

We are fully vaccinated for Covid and are booking now for immediate shows.

Check the video page for live videos

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