Cast Openings

The Fantastic Magic of Potter performs about 30-50 shows a year at Comic Cons, and Potter Events and Theaters.

We are always looking for performs to guest or be with us on a regular basis.

Current Characters:

Based on the Bellatrix from the Potter movies Bella crashes the event and is here to kill Lily Evans before she can marry James and have the baby Harry,  Her Lord sent her this mission in a dream before her timeline ended in the movies and books. She appears twice in the show.  I have had a person just play Bellatrix and also someone who played Bellatrix and Queenie


Based on Character from Fantastic Beasts movies. She can read people’s minds and she performs several mind reading bits on stage (easily taught). I have a Queenie who can also do Bellatrix and that would be great to find another.


Future mother of Harry. Bellatrix is here to Kill her. I used to have a full time Lily but she is only in the show for 8 minutes. I now promote an audience member to be lily before the show and put her in a robe and give her a wand.  It is actually much funnier to have a lily this way. And leads to great improv moments


I play Newt at Beginning and change during the show to the headmaster when Bellatrix arrives

Comic Cons

Usually gas and food money and weekend passes to the event Some are paid, some are not. We usually get free hotels for travel shows as well.

Other Events:

For theater shows. the pay is usually around $100 minimum for 2 hours work. Sometimes more. Depends on arrangement with theater

Current and Previous Performers