Baul Pearer: Tribute to WWE Paul Bearer

I loved the old WWF (now WWE) with the Undertaker and Paul Bearer his manager.

It was the main reason I watched wrestling.

Pics from PAUL AT MonstahXpo in May 2022

For years, I threatened  to do a Paul Bearer Cosplay. In the Summer of 2019. There was a wrestling convention in Providence RI. I acquired the right URN and makeup and went to the con.  I couldn’t even get out of my car before people were requested Photos and doing high pitched Paul Bearer voice to me. I must have posed for 6 photos before I even got into the con.  In the con, the response was amazing.  I was there 4 hours and posed for over 100 pics. Some with Actual retired or Current Professional Wrestlers .  So The owner asked me to come back as a guest in 2020 and oh Yass I shall.

Since then I have brought out Paul at Comic Cons and even crashing a cell phone grand opening.  I was on Main Street Waving at Cars with the URN. Including that day a pride parade with Bernie Sanders marching in it.

Response everywhere has been amazing. So I am now available to come to events as Paul Bearer

Getting ready for Paul Bearer to Invade the afterparty at SuperMegaFest Comic Con
Here with my Friend Matches Malones. The Best BatMan in the Universe. He does so many Make a Wish and Hospital Visits for Sick kids at his expense. He is a very Honorable Batman. At SuperMegaFest Comic Con
With original members of the Four Horsemen of Wrestling at NE Fan Fest 7
Who you gonna call if you need a Wrestling Manager?
Paul Loves Halloween
With Stone Cold Steve Austin at Granite Con AfterParty
Doctor Paul Bearer
With a Super Cosplayer at NE Fan Fest 7

To bring this character to you event contact: Mark

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