Comedy Cosplay & Magic


We have been vaccinated for Covid.  We are now booking for 2021 and beyond.

Give your attendees a reason to Stay Longer at your Con or Event!


Nice interview with me in the Nashua Telegraph The many faces of Mark Pinksten | News, Sports, Jobs – The Nashua Telegraph

We have shows for your Comic Con, Harry Potter Inspired Event or Doctor Who Con.

We have Several different themed shows: All are comedy shows first with pop culture themes.

Bruce the Shark takes a head

New Preview demo is done. You can watch it here.

The Original Comedy and Pop Culture. A multi-fandom show with Doc Brown/Indiana Jones, The Shark from Jaws, Yoda and the Slightly Evil Dead.  We can mix in Dr Who and Potter characters to this show if it is the only show we are doing at your con.

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The Magic of Who. A complete Dr Who themed show featuring Doctor Who 4,12, Lord President Rassilon and Whovian cosplayers from your con.  Featured at both Regeneration Who and Long Island Who Conventions


The Fantastic Magic of Potter. A Complete show inspired by the world of Fantastic Beasts and the Harry Potter books and films.


These are completely new Comedy shows unlike anything you will see anywhere on the planet.  I combine my love of Nerd Culture with Comedy and with Magic.  It is really a Comedy show about Pop Culture, Potter Or Dr Who that just happens to feature magic and illusion. It is designed for Comic Cons and Pop Culture Events but also can be performed at Corporate Events. We can perform one of the shows or different shows during your event.

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I will use people from the audience and interface with them on stage.

This show is best for a platform or riser in front of an audience or a stage. The show comes with it’s own sound equipment or can use any equipment that already exists in the venue.

I use various characters and costumes during the show and these characters may vary per performance.


About Mark

Mark Pinksten traveled around the country in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s with his solo National Mall Tour show. He has performed as a comedian and comedy magician, His AllStar Comedy Revue played state fairs and large venues. He retired from performing in 2002 and came back in 2016 with Comedy and Pop Culture. In his day job, Mark travels the world as one of the leading Computer Security Experts in the world. He has trained people from Homeland Security, CIA, FBI, NASA, Air Force, Navy, Army and most of the Fortune 100 companies. He performs his current shows weekends around the NorthEast at Comic Cons and other venues.

for more info email or call 603-722-0016