The Fantastic Magic of Potter

A comedy parody inspired by the world of wizards with real magic

New House Flags have the animals on them.

We have now stopped user trademarked backdrops and last names to make our show completely legal.  Different venues used copyrighted house flags in the past.  We have now switched to using Eagles, Snakes, Lions, and Badgers for house names, and for flag backgrounds.  This show is inspired by you know who and that happened at the castle.  We do not infringe of trademarked material. Parody is allowed as long as you don’t use any trademarks.  Feel free to book us without worry.

A show inspired by the world of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts that has been only featured at Comic Cons, and Harry Potter Festivals, is now coming to local venues.  The Fantastic Magic of Potter is a comedy parody with some drama that is also a magic show themed to the Potter/Fantastic Beasts books and films targeted to fans of the book and movies series.

newt and chewie
Newt and the PomoSaurus

Show Description:

It’s the First Years orientation assembly at the castle and the headmaster has brought important wizards and witches from the Past Present and Future of the Academy to speak to the first-year students. But by using Time Travel, they opened a door that allowed, He who should not be named to send his own emissary to try and change reality, so the Dark Lord will win.

Live video from the August 6 2019 show at the Marilyn Rodman Performing Arts Center in Foxboro Mass.



See Newt and the Headmaster with Harry’s mother Lily, battle the Dark side for the future and past of the Magic World. With special guests that change from show to show like Queen and Ashley the Auror.

2020 Preview Trailer

This show debuted at GraniteCon Sept 16 2017 with an overflow crowd and is now available for your comic con, pop culture, or Wizard themed Event.

Newt and Queenie look at some Fantastic Beasts

This show has had over 100 performances since debuting  and has played comic cons such as Boston FanExpo, SuperMegaFest, GraniteState Comic Con, Central PA Comic Con, and Portland Comic Expo.  It was also featured at Harry Potter Festivals, and standalone theaters.  Venues include The Boston Convention Center, DCU Center in Worcester, The Center of NH, and more. In 2020 we will do limited runs in Baltimore MD and NYC.

For all 2019 shows schedule check the Past and Future shows


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