Indy and the Treasure  in Magic and Pop Culture show SuperMegaFest Fall 2017 in Marlboro MA

Indiana and the Giant Shark in 2016 SuperMegaFest in Marlboro MA

Back in the day

This is back in 2001when Mark performed with the AllStar Magic Review. This is the second part of his dove act at the American Stage Festival Theater 

Doc Brown and his Flux Capacitor Visit the Magic and Pop Culture show at Massive Comic Con in Worcester Mass in 2017

Doctor and the Umbrella
A old effect from 1840 modified to use Doctor Who #7 umbrella. Use in Magic of Who and Sometimes in Magic and Pop Culture Shows.

Newt teaches us how to catch a mermaid
from Fantastic Magic of Potter show at SupermegaFest Fall2017. This was a one time cameo by Sarah Anderson Krimm who also can show up as Elsa from Frozen at some shows. At Granite Con 2017 she was featured.

The first Magic of Who show performed at Regeneration Who in Baltimore March 2017 38 minute edit.

Mark’s Theater/State Fair show in 1996-2003